Winds of Change, Calls from The Universe, and Transmutation: Major Reality Shifts

Winds of Change, Calls from The Universe, and Transmutation: Major Reality Shifts

Hey all! New drop today in the shop! Lots of 2 piece sets, some Baby Phat pieces, beautifully antique, vintage peignoirs, dresses, and another girdle skirt to the shop, as well as two lovely pairs of Christian Louboutin heels! 

I have quite a bit of vintage luxury designer pieces I will be adding to the shop in the next coming months. We're talking 1950s-1970s vintage pieces! A lot of them will be restored and reconstructed from older, damaged pieces. It's been quite thrilling to find some amazing, rare items that I am ready to share with you all - as well as pieces I've designed myself, more so inspired by the early 2000s/Y2K (my childhood) haha. 

As of this past week, I am once again back in Los Angeles to source more items - mostly from my closet! I am still in the process of moving so I would like to note that I will be keeping some items in California, while some others are in Texas and will be sure to take note which specific items are located where. Some orders may have multiple packages being sent out!

In addition, as of lately, I have finally found my path and will be returning to school to complete a Full-Stack Web Developer bootcamp. I have basically put college on the back burner, as well as other things, to just chill and do this - especially since things have been entirely hectic this whole year. I am finally happy to have figured out my next steps. So I've been working on coding and more graphics design. I will be adding a few designs to our Redbubble soon as well!

I recently created three art pieces on a whim one night when I was experimenting with SVG. Each piece represents a phase in which I am moving through. 

Winds of Change - Paris California - artwork by Paris Holland


The first piece I created is inspired, once again, by Miami, Florida. I just adore this place. I've recently been looking into some opportunities down in Florida and the Winds of Change may be calling me to that place! As I've digged deep within, I have come to the realization that I may be moved to go to unexpected places where opportunity presents itself. Being blown into the right direction by those Winds of Change. 

Calls from The Universe - Paris California - artwork by Paris Holland

As always, I enjoy vibrant, rich colors in my work. As the Winds of Change blow and howl and pull me into whichever direction, I find opportunity calling me. I answer. In this reality, anything is possible. It's imperative to remember at all times that we are everything that we want to be. Everything we desire is already within us. I answer the calls of opportunity from The Universe and I know that I am divinely protected, and that things are always working in my favor. Any failures are indication of success to come. 

Transmutation - Paris California - artwork by Paris Holland

And last but not least; despite any doubts, fears, and failures, I take those moments and TRANSMUTE them into strength and persistence. Like a snake, I go through phases, shed my old skin, and begin anew again. Shed the attempts and failures off, start again. We cannot truly understand what success and happiness is if we do not experience the opposite. Every moment is a learning moment. Every moment can teach you something. 

I will be creating many more pieces as they come to me. I can only plan for so much, but when ideas come out of me, I must act on them. I'm grateful to all those who've been following me on my journey. I will also be adding more content to my YouTube channel soon to document my experience so far in e-commerce as I have been getting a lot of questions on it since I've opened up shop.

Stay tuned loves! xoxo Paris 

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