Update 8/15

Update 8/15

I’ll be headed back to Los Angeles this upcoming Tuesday for the week then back here to Texas 😸 I have not travelled by plane since quarantine began so it’ll be interesting to be at the airport with a mask ha. 

All inventory remains here in Texas til then so if any orders come in between the 18th to the 27th, they will be processed and shipped out by my boyfriend! While I’m in LA I’m gonna be sourcing some new pieces 💓  Every piece still in stock is about done with measurements and other details now! After some hours of measuring and organizing I am all caught up! 

I’ve designed some super cute Y2K inspired pieces that’ll be coming to the shop very soon just in time for the fall! Overall, everything has been coming along little by little! I was at a bit of a writer’s block on what to blog about next on here and my various other platforms but it’s best to not force things! Lol I’ll let them come to me and go from there 🥰 quality over quantity yeee! 

xoxo Paris 

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