Hey all! It’s been awhile but I am back with a new Youtube episode and blog about manifesting via gaming, but specifically by playing The Sims and harnessing the power of metaverses in general to shape your reality. What is a metaverse? A metaverse, a science fiction concept created by Neal Stephonson, is a virtual world in which users can interact with a computer-generated environment and other users.

I have discussed this topic before quite awhile back in previous manifestation posts, but as of recently I’ve been playing The Sims 4. I simmed myself by customizing my sim with my own custom content and put her into the game. With intent, I shaped her life to reflect mine and as a result, new things that happen to my sim gets reflected back into my daily life as new opportunities arise for me. With The Sims you can sim yourself, create your dream home, your dream career, your dream romance, your dream everything into your actual reality. Just like that! It’s an easy and extremely fun way to envision your life and actively create what you want.

Metaverses in general, anywhere where you can create a character and customize it to your liking is fair game. The purpose is to just have fun, let things come to you, and hop on the opportunities that present themselves to you. There’s absolutely no way to do this incorrectly, the worlds are your oysters!

Some honorable manifestation techniques I’ve implimented in the time I’ve been playing The Sims as well:

1. Rearranging your space - whether it be your room, desk area, etc can bring forth significant reality shifts. Sometimes you don’t need brand new things. You can use what you’ve got and rearrange things to suit your needs until it’s time to upgrade!

2. Repetition of affirmations - whether it be one or however many you’d like, also bring forth significant reality shifts! In the past month and a half I made it a routine to write the same affirmation daily for hours at a time and very quickly things that I thought would take some months to manifest ended up manifesting in several weeks instead!

Remember, have fun and trust in your ability to create the life you’d like! Happy manifesting!

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