Invoking the Power of Pink for Sagittarius Season!

FIRE SIGNS STAND UP 🔥  We coordinated this creative shoot for the beginning of Sagittarius season and for  Sagittarius babes to invoke the power of the color pink through indulgence! 🍒  This shoot was absolutely sharp and delicious, like that of Sagittarians! This cake tasted HEAVENLY! Absolutely delectable! 🍰

Creative direction by
Shot and styled by Paris California /
Models / yummykinpatsu

Wearing LV repurposed Speedy padlock necklace + pink peignoir

Aleeya / yummykinpatsu wearing lace up girdle wearing Juicy Couture charm bracelet

Cassie / wearing Y2K pearl pink necklace x vintage white wedding dress


Juicy Couture charm bracelet x lace up girdle skirt

Y2K pearl pink necklace


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