IMVU and Fashion

IMVU and Fashion

Here's another blog post on a game that further inspires my passion for fashion, the baddie app: IMVU. Although it is a social app, I mostly use it for style inspiration! I can't figure out my next hairstyle or fit without this one! It's often inspired pieces I've created for my shop here and eventually I'll figure out how to actually list my designed pieces into the app! 

IMVU version of the Unfriendly Black Hottie bandeau + black asymmetrical skirt online

IMVU version of the Unfriendly Black Hottie bandeau + black asymmetrical skirt online

Photo: IMVU version of the Unfriendly Black Hottie bandeau (& bodysuit) + black asymmetrical skirt in shop 🖤

I literally love how customizable your character is! So much so that usually when I'm planning my next look: hair, outfit, makeup, all dat, I refer to this app for some sweet style inspiration. Every once in a while I'll go into the chat rooms simply for the backgrounds and photo mode LOL. I have yet to actually chat with anyone via this app because it's like so weird ??? Also I haven't seriously been in a chat room since like, AIM and Omegle haha. I'm still getting the hang to the app's full features but I am now dabbling in creating actual looks for the app and I'd maybe like to extend into making objects and houses/settings just like I used to on the Sims (which I'll be back on as soon as I get my gaming PC!!!)

Character creation is so very fun and so very efficient in manifesting your ideal self! As I say time and time again, I always see tremendous value in using your video game/virtual selves as an extension to manifesting! I love this app for helping me become my hottest, baddest, most confident self. This app has definitely helped me get into design mode and create really dope pieces based off of the things I love and that I wish to share with others! 

Here's more photos of my fits that are available on the shop!

Melted bandeau available in the shop

IMVU version of the Palms slip dress available in shop

IMVU version of Melanin bandeau available in the shop

IMVU version of the Heart Melt bikini available at

Photo: IMVU version of Melted bandeau (& bodysuit) available / Palms slip dress / Melanin bandeauHeart Melt bikini (Y2K JOGGERS ARE COMING SOON!!!)

There's SO MUCH more to come! Little by little it's all coming along and my brand is more of a reality everyday. I live to see other babes styling in the fits I've styled!!!! I see you and I APPRECIATE YOU SO MUCH!!! 

New pieces designed by me and more vintage are coming! Stay tuned!

xoxo Paris


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