Fashion in Grand Theft Auto V

Fashion in Grand Theft Auto V


It's been one of my favorite of game universes for the past 7 years. There's a special connection to GTA V in particular simply because I've lived in Los Angeles (aka Los Santos) the majority of my life. And there's quite a bit of looks I've been inspired by while customizing my character which is one of my favorite ways to manifest in the way of scripting, and then translating some of those looks into my daily life! 

Screenshot of green Tron inspired outfit/bike from GTA V -[PHOTO] One of the many vibes I have: futuristic, sleek catsuits - inspired by Tron.  

With the onset of PS5 coming 2021, it's incredible that this game will be passed over from not one, not two, but THREE generations of Playstation consoles! I've played on both PS3 and PS4, but to be quite honest, chances are I'd probably get a PC and begin the adventures of Los Santos on a modded server, before I'd get PS5 and play from there. Although it was vague, I imagine Rockstar will be adding quite a lot of new content and updates to make it worth our while! We shall see, haha. 

So I really only started playing GTA V Online about two years ago in 2018. I started solo and quickly had multiple friends playing with me, now at a full squad of 7 LOL. You can catch us playing quite frequently on my Twitch streams. 

One of our favorite past times is going shopping and curating the dopest of looks and gassing each other (also frequently seen on my streams) haha. Oftentimes, we'll pick various "themes" and dress as such for example, as Dinos, Cowboys, and our futuristic Tron fits. Aside from broad themes such as those, we have our various Business Attire looks, penthouse and yacht looks, and it goes on. 

  [VIDEO] You're not having fun if you don't max out all 20 saved outfits slots! 

I enjoy the character customization a lot because it's really just another fun way for me to play dress up, and it's virtual. In a way I think when you create a character, it is truly an extension of yourself so I like to think the success that reaches my character is reaching me as well in real life Los Santos - Los Angeles. After all, GTA V is basically Sims in Los Angeles. I am she and she is ME! 

Some of the looks from this week's drop to the store are absolutely inspired by the fits I've had on GTA such as this pink and white camo fit:

 Pink camo bodysuit now online -

This pink camo bodysuit is available here

This game, despite its customization limits (come on Rockstar there needs to be better HAIRSTYLES), there's quite a lot to work with in terms of looks! I also often find much inspiration from Red Dead Redemption as well for its gorgeously detailed antique, prairie and Western looks. Gaming, in general, has always been one of my favorite ways to gain inspiration for styling my real life outfits! Next few blogs will be on more games that I use to style outfits along with new drops 💞

Side note: At Paris California, we are actually based at the Maze Bank West office building (aka Santa Monica). Haha, life imitates art 😸😼

Paris xoxo

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