Greetings everyone! 

For the past week and a half, I have been taking some much needed time from Los Angeles (it's been quite overwhelming there to say the least). I decided to take my ass to Texas with my dog and my boyfriend. I'll be here, back and forth for a while, sourcing items for the shop! From here to Los Angeles, til I make my way towards my new home over time: Colorado.

I'm super excited to go thrift and see what I can find tomorrow. We're expecting some Texas heat coming to the shop!

Finally settled, today I had the chance to update styling for a few pieces already in the shop and also added a few new pieces! Instead of only adding new items every Friday like I have before, I'll just be dropping pieces as I find them! Whatever I find this week will definitely be added to the shop ASAP! 

The treasure hunt begins! Stay tuned! xoxo Paris

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