Building your own brand: for the multipassionate.

Building your own brand: for the multipassionate.


Hello all! I'm touching on a subject I have covered before on another blog of mine: For the Love of Luxury. Throughout this year we've had to stay indoors and have more time than I'm sure most of us expected. With that said, we ask ourselves: what to do with all this time? Well, all the things.

I've covered this subject before of finding a way to mesh together multiple passions and profit comfortably while simultaneously enjoying what you do. In my opinion? I think the best thing to do at this time right now is to create your own brand. To clarify, I am no expert on this process. I myself have been going on building this brand for years up until recently when I've decided to fully launch. Despite not always knowing what to do, I thoroughly enjoy every moment I spend on this and my other platforms! 

Right now is the perfect time to tap in and harness your creative power. There are a multitude of things that you can do. With ease of access to technology, we have so many resources at our fingertips!

Back at it again with the concept of Ikigai. Meshed with the concept of being multipassionate, you truly are infinite in potential! Some things need to be considered should you choose to start your own brand. Do you want to represent yourself as the face of your brand? What about your brand fills you with passion? Do you want your brand to be separate from yourself? And who is your target audience? Amongst those there are many other things to consider, but starting small leads to bigger steps overtime! 

Everyone considers these things differently, but for me personally, sharing curated themes of clothing I love, sending them out to others, and seeing how they style it to their liking brings me much joy. The beauty I see in nature inspires me to create pieces infused with their magick. I absolutely love fashion and I see the future of merging nature and fashion in a way that enriches the planet rather than continue to harm it. And I encourage others to continue to recycle clothing. So many pieces have their own stories and experiences to them and it's wonderful to own a vintage, rare and unique item that you can't just find anywhere.

Finding clear, concise themes that intersect effortlessly together will help you create a cohesive brand and community over time! Embrace the process of finding things that you love that you want to share with others. Profit is an absolute benefit from building your brand, but it's important to love what you're putting out, otherwise it can fall short if profit is the only motivation. Everyone is their own, unique person and at this point in time everyone should have the opportunity to have their own platform which I highly encourage for those of us who are multipassionate. Harness your power and be great! Happy manifesting! xoxo

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