First blog post ever! Welcome! This is my lil baby world of fashion. I've been working on this brand for a few years and it's finally time to let it fly. A lot of the pieces here are from my love for shopping! Some things I owned myself, some I found on my treasure hunts through different estate sales, thrift shops, and passed on to me by others! There is a piece for every era present here.

My main fashion style is that of the California summers, the night life of Miami, and the tropical waters of the Caribbean. Those are my favorite places to be, so naturally the clothing I wear and design reflects that, especially because tropical and coastal ecosystems are my favorite kinds of biomes because of the wildlife and plant activity. Not to mention the glory of being chill and carefree, and feeling the warmth of the sun. 

Everything I design is in honor of these vibes! I also pull pieces from different styles like Parisian, cottage core, and more antique wear. On the opposite end of the scale, I admire Afrofuturistic looks that fuse the future and nature together. So my three styles truly consists of delicate/florals, and Y2K, sleek, futuristic bodywear where both may meet in the middle.  

Instead of shopping and hoarding clothes for myself, I have taken up the passion of compiling looks and opening up a shop to share my love for these aesthetics for other babes to enjoy! 

It's gonna be fun. I'll be updating this weekly with new pieces, vintage/preloved and newly designed by me! xoxo Paris

🌸  Any questions you can either comment here or email support@pariscaliforniaxo.com


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